New Garage Doors & Installations in Fremont, CA

Do you want to address your garage door and opener issues? Installing a new garage door can completely revolutionize the appearance of your garage. A garage door comes in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and materials. It is important to be able to discern what you want on your garage door so that we can order and install it for you. We can also help you select a garage door opener as well so that your garage door is in the best shape possible. Below is a summary of what you should know in regards to garage door and opener installations.

The Types of Garage Doors to Consider

What type of door should you look for? Well, we suggest starting with commercial and residential types of doors. There are thousands of garage doors to choose from. Many people decide to purchase traditional residential garage doors because they have great color palettes and style lines.

Residential homes with a garage door that has embellished designs look spectacular because they need to in order to have an appealing look. A commercial garage door does not have a lot of stain or colors on it because of the fact that most business owners prefer to keep the steel or aluminum exposed. When you are looking for a commercial door, please provide us some information related to your type of business, the size of your garage and the items that will be stored within the confines of it. This will help us a great deal when offering you garage door examples to look at.

Your commercial or residential garage door selections can be uploaded in our software that is used for visualization purposes. We take pride in this software because we know that you are curious before you purchase a garage door. We believe that this software can give you more reassurance of the quality of the product being set forth so that you have no regrets when you do take the initiative to make a purchase. We can use a photo of your garage and home with the uploaded images from manufacturers so that we can show you plain as day exactly what the garage door will look like when installed.

Garage Door Sizes

If you are like most homeowners then you will want to make sure that your garage door is sized accordingly. Standard doors are eight to ten feet wide and six to eight feet high. When you call us for an installation, we will ask you for the measurements of your current garage door. If you are not sure of the height and width then allow us to come and take down the measurements for you. It will allow us to make sure that the garage door that you order will fit.

Many homes have one car garages because of the limitations of the space within the garage itself. If your household has a lot of garage space then double wide doors might be required. They are about twelve to twenty feet wide and twelve to sixteen feet high. Being able to park two cars in the same garage does take some finagling. This is because the cars park side by side so that there are no gaps between them.

If we determine that your garage door is not of a standard size then we can work on a plan to get you a custom garage door from one of the top manufacturers. We will make sure that our measurements are on point and then take down any additional information that is needed so that the door’s size is properly documented by us.

Brand Names of Garage Doors

Clopay, Craftsman, Amarr and C.H.I are four brand names of garage doors (and we carry many more too). When you speak to one of our customer service associates, they will begin to show you collections of doors based on the needs that you have. All manufacturers make the same types of garage doors, but the styles will greatly differ based on each collection that they make.

We recommend that you use our visualization software and compare garage doors from each manufacturer side by side so that you can make an accurate comparison. This will allow you to easily pick out what you like and do not like with each door that we show you. This helps us get a better understanding of the garage door style that you are looking for.

Garage Door Materials

Glass, wood, steel and aluminum are the four types of garage door materials that are utilized for garage doors. If you want a glass garage door then you will want to consider frosted or opaque panels as this can help to keep the contents of your garage obscured from the sight of others in the area. Glass is a material that some people might shy away from, but it does make a statement.

Wood garage doors are great if your home is more traditional and has a wooden frame around the exterior. One potential drawback is that the garage doors can tend to become worn looking so new stain or paint will frequently need to be applied every few years. Steel and aluminum garages doors tend to be more straightforward materials to use on your garage door. If you want a commercial garage door, then these two materials are ideal. They may not be overly exciting with their overall appearance, but they are very useful and can last for several years before needing slat or panel repairs.

Garage Door Window Designs

Your garage door windows may be small, but that does not preclude them from making a visual impact. Beveled glass windows are a great way to take something small like a window and use etched glass designs to create a tasteful looking garage door window design. You can even create a window design that lets everyone know that you are not only creative, but innovative as well. You can use colored glass as well as patterns and shapes to make a great design. It is also beneficial to go through the designs that manufacturers offer so that you can see what the current trends are so that your home will have an excellent sense of style.

Garage Door Styles

Carriage house doors, contemporary doors and traditional doors are a handful of the garage door styles that we have on file. We want you to feel at ease with the style of your garage door because these doors are expensive so you do not want to have to keep replacing them if the style that you choose does not resonate with you for a long time. Traditional garage doors offer a timeless look that is simple yet effective. It is beneficial to use these doors for smaller homes that were built a few decades or more ago.

Carriage house doors are made from a few different types of wood and offer up a rustic appeal that is great for homes that have a country feel to them such as log cabins, craftsman and farms. You can also take a standard carriage house door and make it your own with stain or paint. We would recommend matching the garage door to your home’s color scheme so that there is cohesion there.

New construction homes and those with a modern feel often correlate well with contemporary garage doors. Contemporary doors are great because they use many new design techniques so that they are unique and show a particular design style.

Alarm/Security/Lock Features

Your garage door needs to be secure. You may not want to think about this, but there are thieves who watch homes when you come and go on a daily basis. It is important to take the right steps to make sure that locks, alarms and security features are put onto the garage door to help prevent it from being tampered with by criminals.

Your best lock to use on a garage door is a deadbolt lock. These locks are hard to pry open. Thieves do not want to spend a lot of time in public trying to break into your garage so if you have a strong lock then this can be a great deterrent to have. If you like to use technology, then a keyless entry system can be great to have installed on the exterior of your garage. Keep in mind that this still does not mean that people cannot try to enter your garage illegally, but it can help to prevent crime from happening.

A steel plate referred to as a kick plate is also a great security mechanism to have in place on your garage door. They are very inexpensive and can prevent a person from kicking in the garage door to try and open it. These can easily be added to any garage door.

Rolling codes are often used as a way to protect your garage door receiver. When you use your remote, the frequency is relayed to the receiver which activates the door. The code will be changed so you do not have to worry about someone being able to use the same model of remote to open your garage door without your permission. Alarm companies also sell alarms that you can hook into your garage door system. These are often recommended if your garage door opens directly into the area where your living space begins. Business owners also should consider an alarm system to protect any valuable items that they lock in their garage.

Garage Door Opener Installation

A garage door opener is a vital piece of the puzzle that makes your garage door system work. You can get brochures about garage door openers from us. We can also come out and inspect the current garage door opener that you have and make suggestions based on your door so that you can get one that you need quickly.

Our Promise to You on Installing New Garage Doors and Openers

Pro Line Garage Doors promises to give you the best installation job possible. Our competitors might talk the talk, but we most definitely walk the walk in terms of customer service. We do not regard our customers as profit margins, but as friends who we want to look out for. Please feel free to explain any issues that you have so that we can come up with the best course of action to be able to help you find what you need for your home or business.

Garage doors may seem like an afterthought to some business or homeowners. However, garage doors are our business so we have attained the necessary knowledge to educate you about them so that you can make informed decisions. When you come to Pro Line Garage Doors, feel free to have a list of questions prepared in advance for us. Our talented experts can answer any inquiries that you have. We believe that the work we do shines through in the repeat customer base that we have.

We can even help you locate a garage door opener on the weekends. We are open every day so you can fit an appointment in with us whenever you can. We know that you have a busy life so we have very flexible hours so that we can serve your needs when it is most convenient for you. We can install your garage door or opener when you have the time. We suggest that you also try to be on site when we complete the job.

This can allow you to see what we do so that you know that you are getting great service. If for whatever reason you feel unsatisfied, then please give us your honest feedback and we will do whatever we can to make you happy. The customer is always right at Pro Line Garage Doors. We will work on an installation job until we get it right because that is the kind of business that we have. We want you to not only come away with great garage doors and openers, but a great experience too!